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The project "Promotion of women entrepreneurship in Bulgaria"
The project "Promotion of women entrepreneurship in Bulgaria (Sofia, Vratza, Pernik) through strengthening of business support institutions and by delivery of targeted training courses" financed by the Ministry of foreign affairs of the Austrian republic. Its period of implementation is twelve months. The activities under the project are being implemented on the territory of Pernik, Vratsa and Sofia.

Partners under the implementation of the project activities at local level are Foundation for Entrepreneurship Development - Sofia, together with The Regional SME Business Support Centre - Pernik and Vratsa Chamber of Commerce and Industry.

The main objective of the project is to further enhance and create enabling environment for the development of entrepreneurship among women through:

  • Development of entrepreneurship support capacities in Sofia, Vratsa and Pernik. Regarding the sustainability of the women entrepreneurship capacities there is a tendency of increasing availability of national funding, especially in respect to the promotion of entrepreneurship (National Employment Plan, Social and Investment Fund, etc.). Other sources of funding will be provision of business services to customers and procurement on the part of municipalities. All these ways of financing are valid for the present activities of business centres in Vratsa, Pernik and CWE in Sofia.
  • To promote women entrepreneurship in the country through training, counselling, grant schemes, information provision and networking (see pt. 10 for more details).
  • To further strengthen the capacity of CWE in Sofia and to support it's transformation into a national Resource centre to provide expertise in women entrepreneurship promotion to organisations, regional and local authorities, donors/government institutions.
  • To promote the best practice examples of successful women entrepreneurship in the country and abroad through the existing networks of the FED/CWE as well as the Vratza and Pernik project partners.
  • To support the start-up of each 10 women entrepreneurs by provision of training, consultancy and a small grant

TERGET GROUPS Unemployed women, who intend to start their own business from the targeted regions;


About 40 directly trained unemployed from Pernik, from whom at least 10 women will be supported to start up their own business with a small grant scheme


First because Pernik is region in industrial decline, region in process of economic restructuring, as a result of what came into being problems with the employment.

Up to this moment Pernik was a monostructure region, depending in the past on the advantage of big state enterprises. At the moment Pernik needs the development of entrepreneurial spirit.

The SME development started recently and the infrastructure for the support of the small business is not developed enough yet. Catalyzing role for the change of the situation and the facilitation of SME establishment plays RBC-Pernik, which disposes also with Business Incubator, working under JOBS Project.

RBC - Pernik is non profit organization. Its members age the main figures on the territory of Pernik region as The Municipalities of Pernik, Zemen and Kovachevci, District administration - Pernik, Labour Office - Pernik, International Bank for Trade and Development, employers' unions /Pernik Chamber of Commerce and Industry, Union for Economic Initiative, Trade Chamber, and several enterprises.

RBC - Pernik is four years old now, and for this short period it became a member of the National Business Development Network and BARDA. These are national networks, which could be used for dissemination of the project good practices in the other regions of the country.

The project will contribute for the future strengthening of the entrepreneurial training ant the training of employless women in problem regions, and to formulate regional projects and programs which will encourage the establishment and the extending of enterprises, created and managed by women.


The period of project implementation is twelve months, and up to this moment were achieved the following results:

  1. Candidates for participation in the training process - 92 women, 68 passed the selection, 40 of them approved.
  2. Trained 40 unemployed women, for the period May-June, passed six modules under the following themes: How to start own business?; Institutional and legal environment of the small enterprise; Marketing; Management; Financing of the small business; Development of a business plan;
  3. 40 women passed successfully the final test
  4. Developed 28 standardized business plans, 11 of them granted by competition;
  5. Financed with the help of small grants assigned by the Ministry of foreign affairs of the Austrian republic - 11 project applications at total value of 29 300lv.
    The approved business plans are in the following spheres:
    • Creation of apiary; ;
    • Car-wash;
    • Acquaintance agency;
    • Private study-hall; ;
    • Atelier for sewing services;
    • Production of potatoes in Radomir region; ;
    • Snack bar with children playground in te region of Breznik;
    • Workshop for clothes production
    • Production of children clothes;
    • Hairdresser; ;
    • Shop for whole sales in the region of Zemen;
  6. The project supported also the raising of the capacity and the material and technical base of RBC - Pernik. Trained as trainers are 5 people from the RBC team. And with the financial support of the Austrian government was bought the following equipment, which will be used for the further trainings and business services:
    • Multimedia projector
    • Laptop;
    • Digital video camera;

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